Cross-Sector Series Overview

Digital transformation is having profound impacts across all industries. This series of reports is intended to demonstrate how software-enabled technologies and innovative companies are enabling the creation and improvement of business processes, culture, and customer experiences across sectors.

AI in Government icon AI in Government

AI Beyond Business: Improving Governments and Governance

Governments worldwide are using Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and digital twins to do everything from cutting waiting times at the Department of Motor Vehicles to protecting small businesses from cybercrime. In October 2023, President Biden issued an Executive Order on AI, which set out a blueprint for the US, including government entities, to realize the myriad benefits of AI while mitigating the risks.

Exceptionally for this series, this report focuses purely on AI, rather than other aspects of digital transformation. Many government digital solutions are already up and running. AI is a natural next step. March 2024

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Healthcare icon Supply Chain and Logistics: Digital Tools Transform Supply Chain Management

Financial Services: Digital Tools Transform How We Save, Spend, and Invest

In the last decade supply chains have gone from a quiet, background corporate function to a global buzzword. The COVID pandemic, war in Ukraine, Brexit, and volatile energy prices have brought disruption to everything from basic vegetables on the dinner table to luxury vehicle deliveries.

This report explores three areas: Section 1, which focuses on the pandemic response, details the unprecedented collaboration between pharmaceutical and technology companies to get vaccines shipped and working. Section 2 dives into the intersection between physical and digital in SCM. Section 3 explores how AI and digital tools can predict and stimulate demand while shaping resource management more widely for a sustainable tomorrow. December 2023

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Healthcare icon Health Care: AI and Digital Tools for Better Health

Financial Services: Digital Tools Transform How We Save, Spend, and Invest

Good health is more precious than gold: for millennia, humans have sought ways to cure ailments, treat injuries, and prevent sickness. New tools and technologies have always been a vital part of health care, from the ancient Egyptians writing medical histories on papyrus, to the invention of the surgical scalpel in 1914.

As artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and cloud computing become mainstream, health professionals worldwide are finding these new tools equally invaluable. Digital tools can streamline treatment, develop new drugs, improve patient outcomes and—most importantly— encourage healthy lifestyles that prevent the need for intervention altogether. September 2023

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TechPost: Capitol Hill Panel Details AI Benefits in Health Care, October 25, 2023

Financial Services icon Financial Services: Digital Tools Transform How We Save, Spend, and Invest

Financial Services: Digital Tools Transform How We Save, Spend, and Invest

The financial services sector encompasses everything from central banking to cryptocurrencies. No part of this network has been left untouched by digital transformation: from banks embracing a sustainability agenda, to new players such as fintechs, the industry has undergone profound changes in the last decade.

This report explores how digital transformation enables banks, insurers, and payment providers to personalize services, save employees and customers time and money, and comply with global regulations upstream. April 2023

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Construction icon Construction: Digital Tools Help Build a Better Future

Construction: Digital Tools Help Build a Better Future

Construction is one of the world’s longest-established industries: humans have been building places to live, work, and play for millennia. It is also a sector with great opportunities to gain from digital transformation. Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) activities require an extensive, diverse range of skills. Contractors vary significantly by region, size, and purpose and are often bespoke in nature—all of which has sometimes impeded the industry’s digital transformation.

This report explores the digital tools and processes that enable architects, engineers, and contractors to design, construct, and maintain the built environment worldwide. From tackling the industry’s labor shortage, to using digital twins to find and fix faults before a single brick has been laid, digital transformation is helping to address some of the issues that have long vexed the construction sector and setting it up for future growth. February 2023

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Automotive icon Automotive: Digital Tools Help Drive the Next Era of Transportation

Automotive: Digital Tools Help Drive the Next Era of Transportation

Digital Technologies Fuel Rapid Growth and Transformation

To continue the legacy of innovation, automakers are working toward important objectives, including lowered emissions, improved safety features, and enhanced connectivity.

  • Sustainability, through digital transformation, is a major focus for the industry. Software is being used to lessen the environmental impact by modernizing manufacturing and enabling electric vehicles, decreasing traffic congestion, and improving air quality.
  • Safety on the roadways continues to be a leading concern. Digital transformation introduces new tools that are helping reduce human error.
  • Connectivity among autos and the cloud is advancing at a rapid pace, fueling rapid innovations in driver experience, safety, security, service, sustainability, and more. July 2022
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TechPost: Digital Transformation on Display in the Auto Sector, January 20, 2023

Sustainability icon Sustainability: Digital Tools for a Sustainable Future

Sustainability: Digital Tools for a Sustainable Future

Software Tools Help Increase Efficiency, Reduce Climate Impact

Digital technologies hold huge promise for helping achieve key energy goals. Maximizing the use of data and software has the potential to:

  • Reduce overall electricity demand by 25 percent by 2050
  • Slash global greenhouse gas emissions by 19 percent
  • Increase wind farm power output by 20 percent and improve solar energy forecasts by 30 percent. April 2022
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Manufacturing icon Manufacturing: Digital Tools Transform How Things Get Made

Manufacturing: Digital Tools Transform How Things Get Made

A New Age of Manufacturing

Today’s digital tools transform the manufacturing process from beginning to end. In the initial stages of product design, manufacturers can now develop prototypes more quickly and test them more thoroughly using AI-enabled 3D design software.

At the production stage, a new era of employees input these digital designs directly into software-enabled 3D printers, CNC machines, and computercontrolled welders that make things with digital precision.

These smarter factories,in turn, turn out smarter refrigerators, TVs, and other devices that can send data back to manufacturers, who can update the device software and design new features. April 2022

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