Digital transformation is redefining business and society, initiating an unprecedented new era of opportunities and challenges. Digital transformation enables the creation and improvement of business processes, culture, and customer experiences and has the potential to yield profound benefits in the areas of sustainability, inclusive growth, and workforce development.

Governments around the world are seeking to regulate the digital environment in key areas such as privacy, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cross-border data, and other areas more boldly surfaced by digital transformation.

Digital Transformation
A Look at Where We Are and the Promise of What’s to Come

Digital Transformation: A Look at Where We Are and the Promise of What's to Come
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Vast improvements in software tools, the incredible power of cloud computing, and the widespread growth of connected devices promise to remake every industry and how business gets done all around the world.

Manufacturers will revolutionize how their goods are designed and made with digital twins and just-in-time production; suppliers and distributors will retool the way those same goods are ordered and delivered with cleaner data and sharper analytics; and merchants will change how goods are bought and sold with VR store displays and more engaging sales materials. Read More >>

Global Policy Intelligence on the Issues Core to Digital Transformation

The combination of this changing regulatory environment and the new adoption of digital solutions across many industries will raise questions throughout the business sector. Understanding and harmonizing today’s fragmented regulatory landscape pose broad challenges, and the evolving narratives and decisions made today on digital policy will shape the competitive landscape and business operations for years to come.

Learn more about the Digital Transformation Network, the exclusive subscriber network and public policy edge for cross-sector companies leading digital transformation.

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Digital Transformation Impacts Every Industry

The Digital Transformation Network seeks to bring together cross-sector business and technology leaders for constructive dialogue and information exchange in the areas of government regulation, public policy, and impacts to society associated with software-enabled digital transformation.

Cross-Sector Series

AI Beyond Business: Improving Governments and Governance
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Improving Governments and Governance

Supply Chain and Logistics: Digital Tools Transform Supply Chain Management
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Supply Chain

Digital Tools Transform
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Healthcare: AI and Digital Tools for Better Health
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Health Care

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Digital Policy on a Global Scale

The Digital Transformation Network is enabled by the established voice of enterprise software and technology, BSA | The Software Alliance, with more than three decades experience as an organization working to advance digital transformation issues and responsible innovation in key markets around the world. BSA’s unparalleled expertise and relationships provide a strong foundation for the Digital Transformation Network and strategic resource for subscribers.

Digital Transformation Network subscribers will have global coverage on digital policy developments across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC through BSA’s regional hubs in Brussels, Singapore, and Washington, DC, and additional in-country resources beyond.

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